Easy to use

Write hours on projects.
Assign hourly rates.
Create project overviews for hours and costs.
Use a timer.
Download Excel reports.

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For everybody

Available in English and Dutch, with mobile apps for Android™ and iPhone™.


Affordable Pricing

Costs are €2 per user per month after the trial period has expired. Your organisation will receive an invoice after each year of (partial) use. Payments can be made with Credit Card, PayPal, iDeal (NL), Mister Cash (B) or bank transfer.

Link to Google Calendar

Work together in Google Calendar. See at a glance who worked on what. Also available for G Suite.

More info on Integration with Google

Define projects

Define hourly rates (optional)

Write hours manually or use a timer

Project totals (Excel download available)

Mobile app screens

More mobile app screens

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